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Last night I started my machine out of hibernation to be presented with the log on screen, (normally it goes to my desktop), after logging on I had a pale blue screen and in large letters a message; ‘YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN UPDATED’, this was there for a few seconds before being replaced with ‘NONE OF YOUR FILES HAVE BEEN MOVED OR CHANGED, THEY ARE STILL IN THEIR ORIGINAL PLACE’ or words to that effect. My first thoughts were. Sh*t, I’ve been hijacked, especially when the your computer has been updated appeared again. Then a message appeared in the bottom right hand corner, ‘SOME OF YOUR PROGRAMS HAVE BEEN REMOVED, AS THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM’. Sh*t again, waiting for a ransom demand. This screen was there for several minutes before I hit off switch and rebooted.

Log on screen as normal, logged in, OK, then a message, Speccy has been removed as it is not compatible with your OS. I clicked on the icon, NO SPECCY, cannot be found, Sh*t. Went to control panel, programs, no speccy. At no time did I have a message about an MS update.

Did a full security scan, no malware or virus’s

Checked my build no, Windows 10, V1511. 10586.29. then checked updates, Security update KB3116900 03/01/16. I then checked online, apparently this is the P I A November update, many people have had similar problems with the update removing so called incompatible programs, after this review, I found that CC cleaner had also gone. How many more? Perhaps I will find out over the next few days.

One interesting point, when I installed Windows 10 at the end of July/early August I was one of those who installed window blinds and Iconpackager before the warnings. I removed WB after following the threads, but didn’t remove IP because of the many problems people had had when uninstalling. It is true to say that I have had no problems with IP, except that it does not alter the folder icons. The latest Windows 10 update reset all of my icons, but did not flag IP as incompatible, I have manually changed all of those icons which I could, each time W10 sent me to IP for the Icon. I will not use IP now to blanket change my icons as I do not want to risk it, I dread to think what might have happened if the update had tried to remove IP. Is Microsoft going to determine what programs are allowed on their OS in the future?

My main concern (apart from being Pi**ed off at losing my programs) is if MS can remove programs during an update, what stealthware can it install to spy on and monitor our files at the same time, will it start to remove non DRM items, like Amazon tried with the Kindle several years ago. Even more to worry about with MS, (apart from my wife who has MS, but that is another story).

Also glad to report that no problems with WB10 after the update.

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Reply #121 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 12:20 PM

These words coming back to bite you in the arse yet? ...

Nope.... still don't like it.  Uses more CPU and RAM.... ain't no faster than 8.1

Moreover, it has fugly icons and Iconpackager needs updating for the best fix to this.

I also hate that it disabled/uninstalled the search tool, Everything... it took some brute force to get it back.

Could probably think of more, but not at 2.20 am.

Reply #122 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 2:32 PM

Hm, it left ALL my old apps/programs untouched.


There have been several articles in Lifehacker and PC World since January  that highlight how 'aggressive' Microsoft is getting with their Windows 10 'campaign' (for lack of a better word). There are  even reported instances of Windows 10 updates 'uninstalling' Chrome. Even better,, they reported when you use Explorer or Edge to try and download and reinstall, they have reported pop-ups that ask if you really want to download it or install it. Chrome seems to be the one most targeted by the updates with people reporting missing .dll files for Chrome, Chrome not opening, Chrome opening and it's blank. The bad part of it is that they had to jump through hoops to do a complete uninstall of Chrome to reinstall it and in some cases have it happen again. When you read some of the stuff, it's interesting to see what sites blame anti-virus or the' loose nut behind the wheel' and others point at Windows 10.

Back when this started in September, the Verge caught on to it..

Microsoft is aggressively pushing its new web browser, Edge, to Windows 10 users when they attempt to search for other browsers — like Firefox or Chrome — using Microsoft's own browser.

The tactic was first spotted by VentureBeat and also picked up by MarketingLand, whichran several searches in Bing on Windows 10 to show the various ways that Microsoft is pushing Edge.

Right now, when Windows 10 users try to search for and download Google Chrome or Firefox from Microsoft's Edge browser, a dark bar appears at the top of the search results page saying that Microsoft recommends they use Edge, with a "Learn Why" button. Learn Why simply leads to a marketing page for the Edge browser. (This experience was only reported in the US, by the way; we can't confirm whether this is something that Windows 10 users in other markets are seeing, as well.)

Lifehacker did an article on Windows 10 updating and openly reported that Windows 10 reset default programs even when told not to, but the person writing the article seemed to have such a chub on for Microsoft that they dismissed it like you'd dismiss your four year old for tracking a little dirt into the house.

I've personally come across programs that did not work with Windows 10 back in November, but work now. When I first updated, I could not get my Microsoft webcam to work anymore. It removed the program and drives and said it was incompatible. I looked all over the web, on MS sites and all said the same thing...that my particular webcam was no longer compatible. Then, last week, just for the hell of it, I came across the disk for it and installed it and whaddaya-know, it works great. I was inches from throwing away two perfectly good webcams cause the updates uninstalled them and Microsoft said they were NOT compatible with Windows 10. So now, I'm double checking everything.

They say that the 'incognito' mode on Edge (which couldn't come out quick enough for some users) actually leaves traces of your 'incognito' activity stored on your hard drive and some sites are telling people to STOP using the incognito mode all together. I'm not sure if that has been fixed yet or not.

They're going to find a way into our lives no matter what. When I walk into a department store and my phone starts buxzzing with coupons for that store, out of the blue, I kinda figure it's over and we lost.

Reply #123 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 6:47 PM

Good to see you, Po.... and yeah, Microsoft has been waaaaaay too aggressive in marketing... er, forcing its OS and browser on people.  I resisted Win 10 and was quite happy with 8.1, but in the end I was given no choice.... Win 10 was my only update option after a factory reset and activation.

I didn't have the problem of Edge not wanting to download Firefox and other programs, I had the installers already, and even though Win 10 disabled or uninstalled various proggies during the 'downgrade' from Win 8.1, I simply reinstalled them later when I discovered they were missing. 

I've never used Edge.... heard it was clunky and incomplete so never bothered and stuck with FF.

Reply #124 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 9:34 PM


I've never used Edge

I find myself using it more and more. For me, it's been incredibly fast. You can even set it to a dark theme, which is nice.

I've seen your posts and understand your reservations about Windows 10.  I was a bit leery at first, myself. But after using it for the past few months, I have to say it's the nicest version of Windows I've used so far. It's been so much more user friendly, despite the bumps. I had issues with the first installation and it's the first time I didn't have to go to someone else for help. Microsoft put out the fixes and the tools pretty damn fast and I was able to fix everything myself, quickly.

I hit one other bump and had to do a reinstall, bu with the installation tool they offer and the usb I made, it was easy. AND I was able to keep my important files.

The new start menu has taken some getting used to. I think it's an acquired taste for some. You have to play with it and personalize it. Before you even realize it, you're all up in it with your calendar, pics, news. It's so much better than Windows 8. I think 8 was designed more for touch users. 9And you can make the start menu a full blown menu like you had in WIndows 8, if you miss it that much.)

I don't understand a lot of the 'personal privacy' issues that people are complaining about. I'm saying they aren't there or anything. I just don't know enough to comment. That said, over all, I like Windows 10 a lot and see a lot of potential. I think you might change your mind if you take the time to really personalize the experience. There are a lot of options already built in. Just my two cents, for what it's worth.

Reply #125 Thursday, March 17, 2016 1:21 AM

unsure if i can post it here but i have wzors dws windows kills microsoft no updates nothing and keeps it on the stable 10240


microsoft will no longer speak to me and everything works great

Reply #126 Thursday, March 17, 2016 12:13 PM


Not only that, MS has unnecessarily changed the names and places of things, thus making familiar tools and apps more difficult to find/use than need be. Then there's all the privacy settings that need tweaking.... not that all can be.

One that really pisses me off is how Windows Update in Win 10 is no longer in Control Panel and has been moved to a settings app where one cannot prevent an unneeded update from downloading and installing.... unless using a 3rd party program that disables and/or uninstalls Modern Apps, etc.   I have 2 downloaded updates that keep nagging me to install them manually, and neither are required by the system. 

One is for drivers for a Microsoft USB keyboard I don't have, and the other is drivers for a Microsoft webcam I don't have.  I can't delete or hide them because there are no settings to do so anymore, so unless I can find a way to I'm going to get nagged to install crap I don't need several fucken times a day.

Microsoft, you are effwits... some updates NEED to be OPTIONAL.

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