MS Patches and Security Bulletins for April 2016

Thursday, April 14, 2016 by DrJBHL | Discussion: Personal Computing

My thanks to Martin Brinkmann for his summary of these bulletins...3-4  'Critical' updates, depending on the OS.

You can read more here:


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Reply #1 Thursday, April 14, 2016 2:39 PM

Thanks Doc. Already patched 'em.

Reply #2 Thursday, April 14, 2016 3:15 PM

Just so's you can read about what they're up to.

Reply #3 Thursday, April 14, 2016 8:35 PM

Well, Tuesday was a "special" day here when Windows 10 ran updates all on its own at 7:00 am (before coffee!).  It took a long time for the update to Windows 10 version 1511 which really concerned me.  Then the computer rebooted and the blue screens started.  This is the first time in my over 50 years in computers that I have had such a mess with a Windows update. Even Windows ME was not that bad. The only way to get past the initial blue screens (with cloudy frownies) was to do a reset.  For those who don't know what that is, a reset wipes out all of your software but leaves the data.  That solved the "fatal" error but then Windows would not activate.  I tried everything known to mankind to no avail. More frownies saying they were sorry and embarrassed.  Honest, that was on my "new" blue screen.  I went to work.

When I got back home, I contacted Microsoft Technical Support (India) and they told me I had to go back to Windows 7 and start all over again.  NOT!!  My other option would be to buy a new license through the Windows Store because this is a new version of Windows 10 and there have been hardware changes. NOT!! They were really awful!

I went to the Windows Store site and finally found their phone number.  It started on the automated stuff and I finally yelled "live person" - not that I was stressed or anything.  Amazingly, it worked and I was connected to a very helpful person.  I explained the situation to her and she told me to try all of the things I'd already done and, of course, they didn't work.  Finally, she took over my computer and ran a few more things I'd already tried.  Nothing worked!  Windows 10 Pro was installed but would not recognize my Windows 7 Pro activation code like it did the first time.  She finally generated a new code and we got Windows 10 activated again. It was after 11:30 pm when I got off the phone. 

The tech told me that Windows 10 is tied to the hard drive and motherboard (tech support mentioned it too).  She thinks I had the problem because Dell replaced my motherboard right after I bought the computer due to a problem with the PCIE port (XPS 8300, Core i7 2600 chip, 3.4 GHz with 12 GB of ram).  She said any change to a hard drive or a motherboard can cause a computer not to activate Windows 10.  Apparently, we are no longer supposed to replace a hard drive or motherboard that goes bad??  Really??

This morning, updates ran again without notifying me.  That has never happened in the past as I always want to be notified first.  It turned out that the ability to fix that setting in the Control Panel is grayed out (some settings are determined by my organization) so the only way to fix it is through the group policy editor which I did.  Then a notification popped up saying I have a a problem with one of my devices.  Windows flashed up messages and wanted to kill it but I stopped it.  I went into the Device Manager and a USB driver was changed on April 12th. Yep! Fortunately, I have all of the needed drivers stored on my system so was able to fix it quickly. All of the software has been reinstalled including my beloved WindowBlinds. 

Up until April 12th, this system ran smooth as silk with never a problem.  It is meticulously maintained.  The update to version 1511 was a total nightmare and I hope never to experience anything like it again.  If anyone here has not done the update to the latest version of Windows (1511) and you have made any hardware changes to your system, you might want to talk to a tech at 800-642-7676 which is the Windows Store.  Tech Support cannot assist with a windows validation problem and there is a good chance that the newest version of Windows 10 won't activate.  


Reply #4 Thursday, April 14, 2016 9:26 PM

I wonder how many users, when told, as you were, by the MS 'people' that you had to buy a new win 10 license actually do. 

Reply #5 Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:08 PM


Well, Tuesday was a "special" day here when Windows 10 ran updates all on its own at 7:00 am (before coffee!). It took a long time for the update to Windows 10 version 1511 which really concerned me. Then the computer rebooted and the blue screens started.

i knew that compulsory/auto udates in Win 10 would be a problem, and that people would find serious issues with their PCs arising from them.  I've read/heard numerous complaints about PCs being borked after Windows Update intrusions.  Yeah, I call them intrusions because many people simply don't want the first batch of updates and/or patches for this very reason...  getting borked by a bodgie patch, driver, etc.

There are free 3rd party programs that can disable Windows Update [Majorgeeks host some of them] and allow users to manually install those they wish and those that are tested/known to be safe.  Not sure which one of them I'm running now, but it's portable and I don't get auto-updates on my Win 10 machine.  No, what I do now is wait for a while before running the 'security' section of Advanced System Care, which then applies safe versions of the latest security updates issued by MS. 

I also go to the manufacturers sites to update drivers, firmware and etc... given the MS issued ones have borked my wireless settings and sound.  Put simply, I don't trust Microsoft to know what's best for my machines.

Reply #6 Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:39 PM

Thanks for information, Starkers.  I will check out Majorgeeks.  I have set the updates to notify me using the group policy editor but no idea if it will actually work and they appear to have messed it up badly.  I could also go in and block all updates but I really don't want to do that unless it becomes totally necessary.  When I looked at the updates this afternoon (they let  you do that now) their opening statement was that "we" agreed to assist them in developing Windows 10.  The more I read, the angrier I got so closed out the window.

I totally agree with you on drivers and firmware.  When I bought this computer, I saved every driver available for it and updated the firmware as well.  Had I not saved all of the drivers, I would have had a mess today as the computer could not find what it needed over the web. I then went through all of the devices and did not see any other errors, thank goodness.  I think I have killed all of the obnoxious "notifications" that were popping up. One of the "apps" they installed actually installed itself in the Start 10 folder!  I killed that app and reinstalled Start 10 as a precaution.

This computer has been a great machine.  When I had a problem with the motherboard, they took care of it immediately.  I am so pleased that Michael Dell has bought back his company and gone private again.  The new Dell computers are getting great reviews now.  He said the reason he took his company back was because the board of directors cared more about profits than quality and his brand was suffering. I have a lot respect for someone who puts quality over higher profits. 

What made me the most angry about the update was the fact that Microsoft invaded my system so they could force that update even though I have never allowed updates to download or install automatically!  When there is a major update, I kill my antivirus and make sure it won't start on a reboot.  They went in and made a mess and Kaspersky probably kept restarting which obviously could have caused all kinds of problems. EMET probably wasn't happy either. 

We are supposed to be getting another big update at the end of July - a birthday present!  I will be watching very closely and make sure it does not download or install immediately just in case this next one has all kinds of problems too.



Reply #7 Thursday, April 14, 2016 10:41 PM


I wonder how many users, when told, as you were, by the MS 'people' that you had to buy a new win 10 license actually do. 

I hope NO ONE pays for new license but some people are probably gullible enough to believe they have to.  If a computer is eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10, they absolutely do not need to buy a new license.  They should call the Windows Store and one of the techs can generate a new activation code for free. 

Reply #8 Friday, April 15, 2016 4:51 AM

Cameochi...I warned about this and UEFI long ago.

I warned about this and the auto updating of Windows 10, as well.

I am so sorry for the frustration and craziness you had to go through. Of course MS doesn't want folks to know they can fix this by generating a new license number and activating.

Oddly enough, one of my fave "go tos" has some help for you and how to disable/defer updates: Two tools (only one free, though but the for sale one costs all of $2.99).


Or, you can do this:

1) For this go to the control panel and then search for administrative tools.


2) Go to the services and click on it. 

Then in the new window scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Windows updates



3) Then open it and in the new window disable updates in the start-up type.

If an update is in progress and you want to terminate it click on Stop.

Click on OK and you're done. However, because some updates are "Critical" and really, really important,

You can wait a week (during that time you will be vulnerable) and see if problems are being reported. If not,

re-enable by doing the came thing and choosing 'enabled':



Reply #9 Friday, April 15, 2016 6:42 AM

If auto update is disabled will you have a list of updates so you can pick and choose which ones get installed?

Reply #10 Friday, April 15, 2016 9:07 AM


Quoting ElanaAhova,

I wonder how many users, when told, as you were, by the MS 'people' that you had to buy a new win 10 license actually do. 

I hope NO ONE pays for new license but some people are probably gullible enough to believe they have to.  If a computer is eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10, they absolutely do not need to buy a new license.  They should call the Windows Store and one of the techs can generate a new activation code for free. 

I don't have win 10 (waiting - staying w/ win 7 for now) so is not issue for me.  The primary issue for me is, given how aggressively (and with use of sleezeware tactics) MS continues to push win 10; how is MS going to generate future revenue?  Win 10 has no new versions (win 11, etc)? They won't have a 'new' version of windows to sell every few years.  MS has everyone (except the Chinese, the US military/gov) pushed to win 10.  From whence is their continued revenue going to come? 

Reply #11 Friday, April 15, 2016 9:15 AM

Disable updating until you read what each update does, and that there are no problems, then choose which updates you want, based on that, Elana.

You DO want critical updates, though.

Reply #12 Friday, April 15, 2016 6:13 PM

Thanks for the additional info, DrJBHL.  I found it pretty funny when the Microsoft Tech went to the Windows Club to get a couple ofcommands to try.  I'd already tried them too and they didn't work.  I went into gpedit and my updates are now set the way they used to be.  No downloading and no installs without my permission.  I want to see what happens as my updates have always been set that way BUT Microsoft made changes to the group policy editor too so they could as they pleased.  It now takes two settings to get it to do what I want.  I will be keeping a close eye on any further updates - especially the anniversary update that is coming up.  I really had high hopes for this OS at first.  Now I am deeply concerned about it.  Wish WindowBlinds would run on Linux. 

Reply #13 Friday, April 15, 2016 10:49 PM


I really had high hopes for this OS at first. Now I am deeply concerned about it

You and me both!  When I read that Steve Ballmer was replaced by Satya Nadella as CEO, I had high hopes for the direction of Microsoft and Windows.  However, a couple of years on and I'm not only disappointed but angry.... at both Microsoft and it's 'new' direction, and at how Windows is evolving into a walled garden.  It's not as bad as Apple's .... YET, but give MS time and it will have entirely adopted Apple's business model.  Yup, suck them in with a 'free' OS, then make them pay through the nose for apps and programs through the Store.  Notice how many system32 programs have now become 'apps'????   Well strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride, people, cos system32 is thing of the past. 

Soon everything will be an app available through MS' Store and sys32 programs will no longer run.  In the not too distant future, Windows will look and behave more like Apple's IOS... with a lucrative business for MS going through its Store.  I mean, why else would MS want a cross-platform OS that runs on PCs, tablets and phones?  To dumb it down to its lowest common denominator and wall users into a closed system where everything is controlled by Microsoft.... like enforced updates and the removal of 'non-preferred' software.

Now I know some will think I'm being paranoid and espousing conspiracy theories, but this WILL come to pass... I'll bet my left nut on it.  And before anyone says I'm going to lose it, just think: how aggressively MS is peddling Win 10; how Windows Update was/is enforced; how programs like Speccy were uninstalled without consent.  There are probably other examples, and maybe Microsoft has softened its line regarding compulsory updates.... for now, but the idea is control over Windows users and what they do on their PCs, and that will become increasingly clear as time passes and more people are forced onto Win 10.


Wish WindowBlinds would run on Linux.

Again, you and me both.  Linux is looking more and more attractive all the time, and having tried out Ubuntu, Mint and Robolinux, I am getting the hang of using Linux distros.  I'm no Linux expert yet, but I hope to be quite adept at using one or all of the versions I'm trying by the time support for Win 8.1 ends.

Reply #14 Saturday, April 16, 2016 1:47 PM

Hi Starkers,

How sad that we both feel the same way.  I did figure out why part of the mess happened.  Microsoft is running "maintenance" at night.  I had that set for 9:00 am so I could see what they were up to.  They went in a day or two before the upgrade and changed the maintenance time back to 2:00 am.  Then they went in and "updated" the group policy editor and wiped out all of my settings.  That is how they were able to run the real update without my permission. Now it takes two settings to do what used to take one and you cannot change the update settings in the Control Panel anymore.  You have to use gpedit which is not something a lot people would be comfortable doing.  To avoid that, they will use the home version which means Microsoft can do whatever they like no matter how the customer feels about it.  They are also going to make Windows 7 and 8 miserable to use so people will finally give in and upgrade to Windows 10.  I find their behavior nefarious.

I finally have Windows Media Player back and the DVD Player.  The only way I found the DVD player was a link in Start 10.  I noticed today that my Home Group was gone so had to fix that.  Right now, I have pretty much blocked everything from Microsoft but I know that is not practical so will have to make a couple of changes after I get over being so darned angry.  I am also looking at Linux.  Mint looks good but I need to learn a lot more before I jump off the pier though. 

I also contacted the Windows Store to see if there is any difference between the free upgrade version and the purchased version of Windows 10.  They told me the ONLY difference is a Windows 10 key.  Well, I have one of those now so that should not be a problem in the future. The fact that Microsoft is using Maintenance to secretly download OS updates is very scary stuff.  That means even though you tell them to ask before downloading or installing updates they can go behind the scenes and make whatever changes they like to anyone's computer under the guise of maintenance.  I had such high hopes for this new version of windows and Satya Nandella especially since Bill Gates is involved as well but what a mess they have created.  I bet the former Windows guru who was fired by Ballmer is very happy in his new job. Ballmer said he was too hard to work with.  The truth is that he was too honest. 

It is blatantly obvious that Microsoft is following the Apple blueprint. Give it to them for free but make them pay for anything they really need to function.  Groove Music is free right now but costs $15.00 to buy and I hate it.  I can download iTunes for free if absolutely necessary.  I also found a reference to the hardware issues in one of the many forums I've visited. 

If anyone has a copy of Windows 10 installed as an update and either their motherboard crashes or the their hard drive, they will have to purchase a new copy of Windows 10 OR buy a new Windows 10 computer.  In my case, I'd forgotten that the motherboard was defective on this machine but Dell replaced it immediately for free less than two weeks after I bought it.  It is the exact same make and model of motherboard so never thought anymore about it but people need to be aware that they could get stuck having to pay for a new copy of Windows.  At this point, after having used every single version of Windows ever released, I have lost all trust in Microsoft.   


Reply #15 Saturday, April 16, 2016 3:35 PM

Remember when I wrote that UEFI was not good? 10/2011.


Reply #16 Saturday, April 16, 2016 4:36 PM


If anyone has a copy of Windows 10 installed as an update and either their motherboard crashes or the their hard drive, they will have to purchase a new copy of Windows 10 OR buy a new Windows 10 computer

Caught in the OEM trap.  OEM versions (along with any Windows version upgrades) have been married to the motherboards since at least XP.  Retail versions (along with any Windows version upgrades) are transferable to a different motherboard.  As far as I know the hard drive is not critical in terms of license, but hardware changes have occasionally prompted those annoying calls to MS to get the license activated again.  My understanding is that Win10 continues to follow this model.

In terms of this little piece of it, I'd be more aggravated at Dell.  Seems like when they replaced their defective motherboard they should've gotten your Windows license straight.  If it comes up again, at least while the machine is under warranty, I'd bother Dell about it     After warranty, it's probably more begging with MS.

Anyway, it's good that you got it straightened out, and I agree - a Microsoft person should not have been so quick to tell you to buy Windows   and I'm glad you didn't.

Reply #17 Saturday, April 16, 2016 6:44 PM


Remember when I wrote that UEFI was not good? 10/2011.


I am not on all the time so don't always see the posts.  My job puts me on the road a lot and I sometimes don't get home until fairly late.  The tech tried to generate a new activation code and could not.  Your link is for Windows 8 which was great under the hood but had an terrible interface.  All they had to do was give Windows 8 a more traditional interface than 8.1 had and it would have been a winner.  I had people calling me in tears because they could not figure out how to use it.  It took me over 15 minutes to find the "charm" to do a simple reboot so I totally understood their frustration.

I updated from Windows 7 Pro and there shouldn't have been a problem.  Please read my earlier post today.  Microsoft "updated" the Group Policy Editor as part of maintenance and wiped out my settings.  That is how they could install that update without my permission. To me that is black hat activity but they wanted to install version 1511 and just up and did it.

I received a customer service survey today and let them know exactly how I and others feel about Windows 10.  The only reason I have kept it is because of Start 10 which makes it palatable.  I had to laugh when the tech went to the Windows Club to try a couple of commands - the same one I tried and they didn't work for her either.  This really is my last go round with Microsoft.  This dog is not too old to learn some new tricks or a new OS.  I would have to run Windows products in a sandbox but it might be worth it.  I wonder if I could get away with WindowBlinds that way? 

Thanks everyone for listening to me rant.  It was quite a week on all fronts here.  Hope next week is better. 


Reply #18 Saturday, April 16, 2016 6:50 PM

Saw  that...imo, that actually should be defined as hacking, but you'd need 30 lawyers, 7 billion dollars and 3 decades to prove it.

What can I say except that actually sickens me. Too bad you didn't put that story on every Forum from MS to Kalamazoo.

Reply #19 Saturday, April 16, 2016 8:01 PM

Thanks, DrJNHL.  I hope folks here read what happened and understand what is going to happen in the future if they have to replace a hard drive or a motherboard.  Some years back, my old HP was almost dead so I bought a new one.  I called Microsoft and explained the situation and asked if they could inactivate my old computer so I could use Windows on my new one.  They were so nice and it was a big help.  How sad that those days are gone.  I loved that Microsoft.  Customer service like that will bring me back every time.  I said what needed to be said to Microsoft - not that they really care.  Now I am dreading the next version due out in the summer.  I have been assured that I won't have a problem with that one.  Hmmm.  I looked today and they are running maintenance just about every single day and they do not always say what they are doing.  Both Microsoft and Google have NSA contracts and the behavior reeks of NSA but no way to know.  Just used to work in the defense industry.  If they are spying on my machine they will be pretty bored and learn more about grandchildren and Chihuahuas than they ever wanted to know.  All any of us can do is hope for things to get better.  I still have to go through gpedit again to make sure all of my current settings are as they should be.  One thing we can do is defer updates so I have done that.  Just hope it really works.  Thanks again to you and everyone on the forum for listening and make sure to take care with Windows 10 updates. 

Reply #20 Sunday, April 17, 2016 5:07 AM


Hi Starkers,

How sad that we both feel the same way.

Hey Cameochi,

No, it's not sad that we feel the same way, it's sad that Microsoft created the situation so we do.  As for losing your trust for MS, same here... along with my respect and belief it was a company which considered its customers.  As you point out, that is a thing of the past and we are now mere pawns whose wants and needs have been betrayed by a corporation with a self-serving agenda that fails its customers big time. That's why the Chinese demanded a vastly altered version of Win 10, because Microsoft overstepped its mark with surveillance and phone home apps, etc.

If only Linux Distros were more user friendly and people were telling MS to piss off: "We're going with Ubuntu or Mint cos you betrayed and let us down."

As it is, MS aggression to install Win 10 on as many PCs worldwide as it can, even to the point of ignoring 7 or 8.1 users wishes, is creating a 'captive market', and I believe that once its goals are reached, and there are few if and previous versions, Windows 10 will become a subscription model and system32 programs will no longer be able to install/run.  It will all be down to 'pay-for-apps that give MS a slice of every developers pie.

The maintenance issue you spoke of has really pissed me off.  I went and had a look and there were new updates that I had blocked.  I disabled Windows Update because Advanced System Care checks for security patches against what's installed.  If required it will download security patches, nothing else.  I don't want any of the other stuff MS chucks on top [being I don't trust any of it], and if I need drivers/firmware, I go to the manufacturers site to download unmodified versions, unlike those MS peddles.

With regard to Linux, Mint is a good distro and is relatively easy to use [as far as Linux goes, that is], as is Ubuntu and Robolinux.  It might be an idea to try out some different versions until you find the right one. Thus far I've narrowed it down to those three, having tried Red Hat and others that seemed more complex and difficult to use.  However, I will continue to research other distros just in case there's a 'goody' I've missed.

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