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Kk Menu

Updated Oct 03, 2003 by Jiri Krivanek

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Old Sapphire
Comment #21 Sunday, September 21, 2003 12:43 PM
Duuuuuuuuuuuude! I never wanted to try this, but my dock was getting messy, and DUUUDE! This is one of the coolest additions to OD I've ever used! Awesome job LOL!!!
Comment #22 Sunday, September 21, 2003 2:35 PM
i use MobyDock but KK Menue not working. what can i do?
Jeremy Miller
Comment #23 Sunday, September 21, 2003 9:59 PM
I understand that this software is currently in beta and apparently, at least under Win2k, it requires some manual configuration via the KKMenus.ini file. I was wondering if anyone could cut and past the contents of a sample file that includes all the different types that you can create.

Otherwise, keep up the good work Jiri.
Comment #24 Sunday, September 21, 2003 11:08 PM

Atari = "IM","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\atari.png","atari"
Best Friends = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\bf.png","E:\Program Files\Best Friends (Free Version)\bf_loader.exe","",0,""
CnC Generals = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\cnc generals.png","E:\Program Files\EA Games\Command and Conquer Generals\generals.exe","-mod USAFv134.big",0,""
Crazy Taxi = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\crazy_taxi.png","E:\Program Files\sega\crazy taxi pc\Crazy Taxi\Crazy_Taxi_PC.exe","",0,""
Cubemaster = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\cubemaster.png","E:\Program Files\Cubemaster Gold\Cubemaster.exe","",0,""
Harry Potter = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\hp.png","E:\Program Files\EA Games\Harry Potter\System\HP.exe","",0,""
Monopoly = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\mc.png","E:\Program Files\Monopoly_Tycoon\mc.exe","",0,""
MS Games = "IM","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\drives\winxp.png","ms"
!Plus Games = "IM","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\plus.png","plus"
The Sims = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\sims.png","E:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4\Apps\SimCity 4.exe","",0,""

Asteroids = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\asteroids.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Asteroids.exe","",0,""
Centipede = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\centipede.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Centipede.exe","",0,""
Missile Command = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\missile command.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Missile Command.exe","",0,""
Pong = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\pong.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Pong.exe","",0,""
Super Breakout = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\super breakout.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Super Breakout.exe","",0,""
Tempest = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\tempest.png","E:\Program Files\Hasbro Interactive\Atari Arcade Hits 1\Tempest.exe","",0,""

HyperBowl = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\hyperbowl.png","E:\Program Files\Microsoft Plus!\Games\HyperBowl\Hyperbowl.exe","",0,""
Labyrinth = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\labyrinth.png","E:\Program Files\Microsoft Plus!\Games\The Labyrinth Plus! Edition\TheLabyrinth.EXE","",0,""
Russian Square = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\russsqr.png","E:\Program Files\Microsoft Plus!\Games\Russian Square\RussSqr.exe","",0,""

Freecell = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\freecell.png","E:\Windows\System32\freecell.exe","",0,""
Hearts = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\mshearts.png","E:\Windows\System32\mshearts.exe","",0,""
Minesweeper = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\winmine.png","E:\Windows\System32\winmine.exe","",0,""
Pinball = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\pinball.png","E:\Program Files\Windows NT\Pinball\PINBALL.EXE","",0,""
Solitaire = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\sol.png","E:\Windows\System32\sol.exe","",0,""
Spider Solitaire = "IS","E:\Program Files\ObjectDock\kkmenu280\menu\games\spider.png","E:\Windows\System32\spider.exe","",0,""
Jeremy Miller
Comment #25 Monday, September 22, 2003 12:00 AM
Thanks a lot hashonbot, for the quick response. I should of fooled around with it a little more before posting. I am still having some problems with it though. The info should help a lot.

Thanks again
Jeremy Miller
Comment #26 Monday, September 22, 2003 6:12 AM

After playing around with KK Menu via both the menu editor and the KKMenus.ini file (thanks to hashonboat who got me started) I can see that there is a lot of potential there. There is only one thing I can't seem to get working right. When creating a Folder menu item I lack the ability to edit the Folder field through the menu editor, it must be done through the ini file. Once that is done the only effect it seems to have is to show another menu with an item called the bottom level folder appended to itself, for example "ProgramProgram", that expands to a blank menu.

With that it mind I have found a temporary solution to my problem. I want to stress that I am not trying to circumvent KK Menu but rather to offer two alternative methods that mostly work for the time being. These methods do not provide for pretty icons or a skinned menu (unless you are running WindowBlinds or *gasp* StyleXP etc) which is provided for in KK Menu. I look forward to new features in KK Menu such as dynamic folders which are not supported with these methods.

Note: In both the methods below access your new menus by left clicking and holding the mouse button down until the menu appears.

Method 1: (Simple)

ObjectDock features the ability by default to add folders with expanding menus to the bar by dragging and dropping an existing folder on the bar.

Method 2: (A little more complex but provides direct links to "Special" folders)

Create a shortcut and in the Dock Item Properties, customize as you see fit and then set the "Link" field to one of the following (no arguments):

shell:Administrative Tools
shell:Common Administrative Tools
shell:Common AppData
shell:Common Desktop
shell:Common Documents
shell:Common Favorites
shell:Common Menu
shell:Common Programs
shell:Common Startup
shell:Common Templates
shell:DriveFolder <=------ My Computer
shell:InternetFolder <=--- Internet Explorer
shell:Local AppData
shell:Menu <=------------- Doesn't Work on Win2k/XP
shell:My Pictures
shell:Personal <=--------- My Documents
shell:Programs <=--------- Current User Programs from Start Menu
shell:Recent Note: for now copy C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\*.*
shell:SendTo into shell:RecycleBinFolder C:\Documents and Settings\%CURRENTUSER%\Start Menu\Programs
shell:Startup to get all your programs to show up (support for dynamic folders coming soon to KK Menu)

-=*(((Credits for the shell commands to sosdbz43 on startdock.objectdock on the Stardock news server))*=-
(arrows and extra text are mine)
Jeremy Miller
Comment #27 Wednesday, September 24, 2003 3:11 AM
I finally got around to messing with the skins for KKMenu. But when I first launched KkSkinner.exe I got an error saying that GdiPlus.dll wasn't found in (insert environment variable %PATH%). So I found the file in the ObjectDock directory and simply copied it into the KKMenu directory. After this I was able to get it to run so I thought I was done. I then proceeded to install a bunch of other Object Desktop components. Then I realized that I couldn't exit ObjectDock properly, I would get an Application Error that instructions in memory at the address 0x00000000 could not be read. If I understand this correctly it means that something (the Dock?) was trying to access the base memory address, which is a bad thing. Anyway, after completely removing all Object Desktop components and reinstalling and then proceeding to install KKMenu again, I made the same mistake of copying GdiPlus.dll into the KKMenu directory and got the same error. After much frustration I realized through the process of elimination that for some reason ObjectDock does not like another copy of GdiPlus.dll residing in a Docklet subdirectory.

So basically the point of this is, and let me apologize for posted yet another comment that seems to have gotten longer than I thought it would be, but if you are having similar problems with ObjectDock crashing the solution is to copy the GdiPlus.dll file from your ObjectDock directory into a directory that is in your path, preferably X:\%WinDir%\system32. I suppose a fix for this would be to have KKSkinner.exe look for the file in the Object directory, which I guess isn�t necessarily always the same, so maybe have it look for it in the relative path of ..\..\GdiPlus.dll.
Comment #28 Thursday, September 25, 2003 12:09 PM
That means that you're using windows 2000Pro!

I think jiri forgot to adapt the tutorial of the kkmenu 2.80 to this new kkmenu docklet. I made a tutorial for this docklet, but I don't have it here to make sure I put that part! I have W2k at my job I use kkmenu and kkskinner and I did what you did, place a GdiPlus.dll in my kkmenu docklet folder and it works fine! Maybe is different in your PC!
Jeremy Miller
Comment #29 Friday, September 26, 2003 1:53 AM
Yes, I am in fact running Win2kPro in this box, and I my XP box is currently down for an upgrade so I couldn't try it there. I have heard mention of the tutorial but was not sure where it was available. I just figured out that the v2.80 references were to the dock icon version of KKMenu. I guess I was a little in the dark because I just started using ObjectDock about a week ago.
Jiri Krivanek
Comment #30 Saturday, September 27, 2003 7:15 AM
The latest KkMenu docklet for Stardock Object Dock is available on:


Comment #31 Saturday, September 27, 2003 2:31 PM
The latest version caused a problem with the dock. Jiri, when I deleted the tray portion (And quit the tray.exe) the rest works great!
(Running XP Home SP1)
Comment #32 Tuesday, September 30, 2003 11:54 PM
i am just now trying to get this kk menu thing set up. i am running on winXP. here is the issue that i am having; when i try to make a submenu option it gives me this error message "list index out of bounds (-1)". i dont know what that means, any help would be appre'd.

oh yea i love this app...w00t w00t
Jiri Krivanek
Comment #33 Wednesday, October 1, 2003 2:49 AM
Have you downloaded the latest release which is available on:


Jiri Krivanek
Comment #34 Wednesday, October 1, 2003 2:50 AM
Have you downloaded the latest release which is available on:


Big Doug
Comment #35 Friday, October 3, 2003 4:09 PM
20 bucks huh.

Not for what it does...and quite frankly, I think the Menu was more versatile and useful before. Even in it's former state, I wouldn't have paid $20 for it. Maybe $10, because it's a cool-ass gadget -- but not $20.

Sorry Jiri. The program does not impress me enough yet to buy it.
Comment #36 Friday, October 3, 2003 11:22 PM
I just went to your web sight and I see that you lowered your price, but your payment service is not securing the credit card information. I would love to support your cause but I won't do it on an unsecured connection.
Comment #37 Saturday, October 4, 2003 5:14 AM
How can i get a Registration Code?
Comment #38 Saturday, October 4, 2003 7:05 AM
commercial?! hah... i always thought this is a sharing site..
Comment #39 Saturday, October 4, 2003 9:52 AM
I like the idea of the docklet, but am curious why someone is allowed to make money on posting an item here on wincustomize. I agree its not much, but no mention is made here that its shareware basically.

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Comment #40 Saturday, October 4, 2003 11:41 PM
Not too happy about the money issue. I'd pay except for the fact that we're talking about a docklet here . . . a docklet! I don't have a problem spending money; I've bought numerous suites and am a subscriber to WC & Object Desktop. However, I'm not sure I understand why the program is free but 1 individual docklet is $20. Hmmm. Like Big Doug says, it might be worth $10 but I think $20 is stretching it.

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