What is a Dream?

Dreams are high quality animated wallpapers that run on Windows using Stardock's DeskScapes software. Dreams can provide calmness or excitement depending on your mood.

Dreams are subtle, looped motion videos or animations that bring new life to the desktop without slowing down your PC. Watch a serene nature scene while you type an email. Glance at a meteor shower as you work on a document. Make your desktop interesting again with Stardock's DeskScapes.


Stardock DeskScapes extends Windows with the ability to run .Dream animated wallpapers. .Dream files can be looped video, or dynamically generated in 3D, or low-resource, hybrid animations. DeskScapes turns the Windows desktop into something more.

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Dream Maker allows you to take control of your desktop and create your own animated wallpapers. Using the .dream file format, you can create your own Dreams to share with friends and family. Dream Maker is a free utility.

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