Your account is expired. (ref: 3) - can we fix this???

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 by M-203 | Discussion: Object Desktop

My Computer suffered a mentsal breakdown due to carelessness on my part.
So rather than waste a load of time trying to fix the problem,
I opted, (since it is a Windows 7 system, and the easiest and fastest OS install I ever had),
to simply reinstall the entire OS clean.
I say again, this is on a freshly installed and updated Windows 7 64-bit system.

Now, imagine my suprise when I got this error:

Error Message Screenshot

when trying to install Object Desktop, which DID work on THIS machine up until 4 days ago!!!

So I thought, ok, I still have all the archived material from Impulse,
and tried to restore everything so I could continue to use what I paid for.
Not ONE single archive could be restored, I tried each and every one, nothing...

So how am I now to use the Software I PAID FOR...?!?!?!

Why do I hate Impulse, and never wanted it from the very start you ask?

First off: In the good old days, you paid for your purchase, downloaded what you paid for,
and could install and use it any time you wanted!

Impulse is the first time I EVER saw PAID software expire...

Secondly: WHAT THE HELL is the point of wasting time & space archiving the software,
if you can't restore the damn stuff???

Impulse: you can restore it at a later date.

Huh? I have had cause to use restore in the past, didn't work.
I have definate cause now to restore my archives, doesn't work.
So, why build a function in to Impulse that does not work?
It's a waste of time and diskspace.

Thirdly:  Why force people to use the Impulse software,
if it can't be made to install the software that was current at the time thier "account expired"?
I paid for it, why can't I use it?  I don't care if it's not the most current version,
I can't afford a new subscription as long-term unemployed by way of a cheap shot redundancy.

So again I ask:  how am I now to use the Software I PAID FOR...?!?!?!

When I added the registration in Impulse for CursorFX Plus and DeskScapes,
which I purchased BEFORE I purchased OD, they were accepted,
so why my OD registration is not, is beyond me and BLOODY ANNOYING...!!!

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Reply #1 Wednesday, June 1, 2011 5:45 PM

Please email and start a trouble ticket.  They will get this resolved for you.

Reply #2 Wednesday, June 1, 2011 5:56 PM

Just open Impulse. Should show your software as available. Download it and install it. 

Impulse doesn't store archives in The Cloud. It stores it on your machine. Since you reinstalled 7, you probably overwrote Impulse. 

If that fails, email . If you also had games, then also email


Reply #3 Wednesday, June 1, 2011 6:58 PM

I just mailed support and got a ticket,
but that still does not resolve the problem until they get to it.
In the meantime, I'm sitting here and cannot use my software,
getting blinded by all the raw whiteness/loud oclors of a fresh OS install.
I want my WindowBlinds so I can darken things up, my eyes hurt.

When I'm done with my Desktop computer,
I'll be attempting to install Windows 7 64-bit on my Sony Craptop, if I can't use Win 7 64-bit there
(i.e. Windows 7 64-bit itself does not have necessary drivers onboard, and I cannot find ones that I need),
it'll be a fresh install of Vista Ultimate,
I hope the same thing doesn't happen then, that'd get me extremely annoyed.

@ Doc,

Yes, opening Impulse should show me my software, IF Impulse had accepted my registration number.
However, take another look at the screenshot, it won't accept my registration, and therefore,
as far as it's concerned, I have no software.

I am aware that it stores the archives locally on my machine, which is why I am currently so annoyed.
I didn't just re-install Windows as you think, I "Format C:" reinstalled it, so nothing was overwritten.
What I DID do, was copy ALL archives from my carefully maintained backups,
onto my computer AFTER completing the initial OS install.

Here's another screenshot:

Archive Screenshot

There's everything and yet nothing, none of those archives would restore from Impulse.

As far as games go, besides the fact that I am not a gamer,
if I have this much trouble installing other software I purchased through Impulse,
why on earth would I consider buying a game through Impulse?
This ongoing Impulse nonsense is enough to put me off that completely.

Forgot to mention, the screenie is from my Vista Sony Craptop,
since my Desktop was running tasks I didn't want to interrupt.

But rest assured, my Desktop's Win 7 Stardock Archive looked the same way.

Reply #4 Friday, June 3, 2011 1:15 PM

Hello M-203

My experience with Impulse has pretty much always been good.  When I reinstall impulse, after a fresh clean install of win 7 64bit ( I do this every 6months or so when issues creep in), I do the first thing it asks and input my emal and password for impulse which i have used to purchase all of my stardoc/impulse/wincustomize stuff.  Once I am signed in i just go right ahead and download and install all my software again. No serial numbers to insert in impulse at all.  Impulse Knows who i am and sets it all up for me.

Hope it helps



Reply #5 Friday, June 3, 2011 1:37 PM

M-203's problem has been dealt with by Support.

Reply #6 Saturday, June 4, 2011 3:32 PM

Yeah, Stardock Support is awesome-  I had a problem--not with Impulse, but having my father's hand-me-down computer to recognize my account. I wasnt able to download anything.    Everyone here has been very helpful- and the Stardock team got right on it-   Now I can download away   and am putting all my goodies on CD in case I need to re-install them again.  Stardock has always responded fast for me.  

Reply #7 Sunday, June 5, 2011 6:37 AM

M-203's problem has been dealt with by Support.

I beg to differ, if the answer you relayed to me from IRC turns out to be support's final answer,
then I would say support and thereby Stardock phucked me, and if I get financially fluid again,
(which is not looking like happening any time soon, in fact it looks like it may get worse),
then I'm thinking "DO NOT buy Object Desktop Ultimate again".

On that note, can a hardcopy of Stardock software be obtained?
i.e. If I wanted to buy an individual program, or god forbid Object Desktop,
is there the possibility of getting it mailed to me on CD?

So that after the software's expiration date, I could re-install and use what I paid for,
without getting phucked again?

I even got phucked on DeskScapes, I purchased it individually, before OD Ultimate.
Through the OD Ultimate purchase, I was entitled to the update to version 3,
that and WindowBlinds were the reason I opted for OD Ultimate instead of individual purchases.
Now when I entered my serial into Impulse, it only shows v2.5,
and I cannot install it on my Windows 7 machine as it says something about "not compatible".
Version 3 was the current version when my "account expired", and the version I had installed.
But since Impulse refuses to restore my archives, I guess I'm getting phucked on that as well.

And since after my Desktop re-installation, I plan to install Windows 7 on my Laptop as well,
I'm guessing my Laptop archives won't restore either, since they were made on a Vista OS.
In which case that's an "add another got phucked" to the tally.

FFS, I can't even install SoundPackager, A FREE SOFTWARE...!!!
It gives me an activation error, WHAT THE PHUCK?  I mean, come ooonn, activation error on FREE software???

The ONLY thing I still have from my Stardock purchases is CursorFX which was an individual pre-OD Ultimate purchase,
and a few purchased Dreams which are of course now frikkin' useless coz I can't install DeskScapes v2.5 on Windows 7.

I couldn't really care less about SoundPackager, because I found a LEGAL way around that situation,
INCLUDING using enhanced packages, DeskScapes & WindowBlinds however I want back.

Reply #8 Sunday, June 5, 2011 7:57 AM

Quoting DrJBHL, reply 5M-203's problem has been dealt with by Support.

I beg to differ, if the answer you relayed to me from IRC turns out to be support's final answer

I did as you requested. I also explained that in certain cases they can't help. I explained their policy as well. I asked someone to help (actually two people).

I did not answer for them. That would be overstepping, wouldn't it. I assume you've received an email from them at this point. If not, look in your 'spam' email folder. 

I never promised you an answer you would like. If their answer to your problem doesn't help, what can I say?

I (as a member of the Community) tried to help you. I should have remembered "No good deed goes unpunished." 

Face it: Impulse cannot install or restore archives made on one OS to another OS, and I'm beginning to think that's what you did: Installed another OS. Fact.

Your solution (in that case) would be to create a partition and put the older OS on it and restore to there. I think. ("Hell, Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Yrag!").

All I can suggest, I have. You can also try to continue with SD Support. Describe all your actions as accurately as you can in chronological order.

No promises. 

Reply #9 Sunday, June 5, 2011 1:41 PM

Yes Doc, I appreciate the help, don't take my reply personally, that's also why I wrote:
"if the answer you relayed to me from IRC turns out to be support's final answer".
All I am saying at this point, is that the Support Ticket regarding the expired account is still open,
and therefore am unsure if what you found out will in fact be the final answer.

A different OS?  No, as I said, I tried to restore the Windows 7 Stardock archives I made,
ON the re-installed Windows 7 machine, same OS, same machine the software was previously on.

That didn't work, so I copied my current Stardock archives from my Vista Craptop,
where all the Stardock software I have installed STILL works,
and tried restoring that, that didn't work either.

The idea with the separate partition is, as far as I can see, pointless.
For example, if I restored a Vista Stardock archive, to a Vista partition,
what good does that do me if I want to use the Stardock software on Windows 7.

Or am I missing something, and there is a way to transfer the software from a Vista Laptop,
to a Windows 7 Desktop machine and use the software there?

Because restoring either my Windows 7 Stardock archives OR my Vista Stardock archives,
to my freshly installed Windows 7 desktop, doesn't work.

2 questions also still need answering:

  • Firstly: Can a hardcopy of purchased software be obtained?
  • And secondly: disregarding everything else, WHY do I get an activation failure on Software that is advertised as FREE (SoundPackager)?

I'm sure Stardock has archives of thier own of each released version of each program they release.
I really don't see the problem with giving access to the appropriate installer in cases like this.

Reply #10 Sunday, June 5, 2011 2:04 PM

Again, M-203... I don't work for SD or SD Support. I know a couple of the folks from online chatting, birthdays... stuff like that.

I think you should look for the response email he said he'd be sending you. Also, maybe if you can demonstrate Impulse is not restoring your archives on the same OS same machine and that the files aren't corrupted - then maybe they can help with a special act of kindness to you...because you can't afford to renew and because you've been a loyal customer x years...

I'd try to ask for an act of kindness, person to person... perhaps someone can gift you with a subscription - maybe a friend. Maybe you gifted someone in the past?

I just don't know what to tell you. I'd do it, but I'm pressed at the moment. I gave my last to Vampothika.

As I said before, several months ago Support stated they would no longer provide links to one's last update software.... probably because of all the lost work time doing that. 

Reply #11 Sunday, June 5, 2011 4:05 PM

I would counsel patience, M-203.  FWIW, I had a similar situation attempting to restore a prior version of WB on my system (no re-format, re-install, OS change, none of that - newer versions simply 'broke' functionality that was important to me without adding anything new for XP).  I still had an active subscription, so that was not the issue, it was just something about the archive file, one I had created using the automatic 'Archive Applications before updating' function, and it would not restore.  Support eventually provided me with a restorable archive for the version I wished to use, but it took a couple of weeks or so.

Given that we're not talking about anything critical to the use of your computer, I'm having difficulty understanding the urgency and vehemence of your complaints.  The way SD's support queue works has been a source of minor frustration to me, too, but when I've gone with it, they've always managed to do the right thing, though admittedly not always with the speed one might wish.

As for 'hard copy' - I don't know if it remains the case, but at the time of my last renewal, there was still an option to obtain Object Desktop on CD encountered during the renewal dialog.  It would obviously include only then-current release versions of the apps, however.  I doubt they would provide a CD after a subscription has lapsed (given the constant state of change of the individual apps, you can imagine how it would be difficult to know what were the then-current release versions of each app at the time you paid - it might be technically possible but cost-ineffective, don't know).

Reply #12 Tuesday, June 7, 2011 12:51 PM

@ Daiwa

Thanks for that info on the hard-copy.

The reason I was asking was not to get a hard-copy now,
but IF I should be able to afford to rebuy OD or individual programs in the future,
in particualr, WindowBlinds & DeskScapes, then I would have a hard-copy of those newer versions,
which work on the OS I am installing them on, Windows 7 in this case,
that I could fall back on if this problem arose in the future.

I don't see me upgrading my computer OR OS anytime in the next several years,
so it's reasonable to assume that if I do have a problem like this again,
having a hard copy from time of purchase, would prevent me having to create a Thread about it.

Reply #13 Tuesday, June 7, 2011 1:19 PM

Hi, M-203

I have responded to your support ticket just now. Can you please attempt the restore in the manner I describe and respond with the requested information?

Reply #14 Tuesday, June 7, 2011 1:33 PM

Just to be clear - any beta updates or release version updates that you installed while your subscription was active but which were published after the CD was produced would be lost in that scenario, assuming your subscription had since lapsed at the time of the 'event' (like the current one you're dealing with), unless you had taken the time to 'Download & Archive' each individual updated app while your subscription was active.  Using the automatic 'Archive Applications before updating' function may not create a restorable archive, until & unless the current issues with that function are squared away with the new client that SD develops to replace Impulse, which I assume will have similar (intended) archive capabilities.

Reply #15 Tuesday, June 7, 2011 2:46 PM


Reply #16 Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:46 PM

Hi, M-203

I have responded to your support ticket just now. Can you please attempt the restore in the manner I describe and respond with the requested information?

Already answered, no change, check the reply eMail I sent...

Reply #17 Wednesday, June 8, 2011 5:40 PM

Hi M-203,

I have just replied to your email. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

Reply #18 Thursday, June 9, 2011 6:35 AM

Not quite Dewie, still problems, reply mail sent.

Reply #19 Tuesday, June 21, 2011 2:14 AM

Just fyi, never seen an archive work either. Hope they can look into that, it cost me my OD programs last time my account expired.

Reply #20 Monday, June 27, 2011 2:02 PM

Problem has been resolved, thanks to Doc and Dewie for thier assistance...

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